Welcome to the 'Diffodil, on our ninth (nearly consecutive) outing of the most enjoyable, relaxed, and widely-acknowledged most-enjoyable of tournaments in the softball calendar.  

2020 is year of change for the 'Diffodil tournie; after a decade of C & D tournaments, we are moving to an all-new Comp & Rec format. This is to allow for a rise in the request from more competitive teams for a spot in the 'Diff, whilst retaining the Recreational group for the more laid-back enjoyable games we all love to be a part of.

From the successful, if somewhat shaky, inaugural tournament, attracting teams from Oxford, Plymouth, Southampton, Manchester and Bristol to play with the best in Cardiff, the 'Diffodil has grown to be recognised as fun, friendly, and fanatical about good softball, in an ideal setting in the centre of Cardiff, with all pitches adjacent to ensure a cauldron of good feeling, awesome plays and that perfect softball bubble we all enjoy. 

Join us for the 2020 tournament.


The 'Diffodil is proudly presented by the 

Cardiff Red Sox

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